Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A statue...who tells a story..

As promised, we were pleasantly surprised to see this fellow on our Sunday drive.
With hubby's P/T job, he often travels to northern towns and had seen this fellow about to be erected. Besides being a big Mining area in Northern Ontario, logging was always huge also.
He is erected on the site of a new tourist Information booth, soon to be constructed on the highway 11 corridor.
He is nearly 20' tall, weighs 1000 lbs. and was sculpted by the sculptor, Denys Hepell of the Gaspe region of Quebec, Canada.
It took him 3 solid months from concept to final painting. With hand in the air, and finger pointed, it appears he is about to 'tell a story'..."in the old logging camps of the north, where loggers often had to spend entire winters in bunkhouses before seeing civilization again, story telling was a gift that was cherished by many of the woodcutters" ( All Information is from the local newspaper from that area, The Enterprise.)
As yet they have not named him, they may hold a contest in the local schools to find the most fitting name for him. Some already suggested are....Abitibi Andy, River Drivin' Randy, Jackpine Joe, Black Spruce Barry, Tamarack Terry, White Pine Willie and Silver Birch Billy...All would be appropriate, also The Lumberjack or just The Storyteller has been tossed around.

Many thanks to my girlfriend Carolle who is from that area and was gracious enough to ask her dad for information for me and he was kind enough to bring me the paper with the article in it.
Much appreciation to both of you!! :)

He even appears to be saying that Canadian tag .."EH !!" ................Love it !! :)


  1. Interesting, and sure in keeping with the tradition of town mascots in Canada!

  2. Great post. Wow, that was quite an undertaking. It's huge, and very well done, I might add.

  3. Wow - that is a really cool sculpture! The sculptor did a good job on it and I bet lots of people will be happy to see him.

  4. Thanks everyone! this was definitely a fun post to do...