Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our drive today...

We went for another drive today, must enjoy this weather before it changes, any day now..
the Cattails were swaying in the breeze..

Came upon this farm, with many sheep..

and one 'Billy goat' amongst them... loved the bell around his rang with every step..

They were enjoying their snack together....:)


  1. Ah, those fall drives - so many things to see and enjoy. Great series!

  2. Beautiful set of photos. Love the billy goat! I know there is a story behind why he needs to wear such a big bell.

  3. Thanks everyone, it was a great ride, our weather has been awesome for October, just have to enjoy every minute of it. Elaine, I figure there is a story behind that big bell too, seemed odd for him to have it on...:)