Friday, October 8, 2010

Farm Friends...

Took a quick drive out to a few of the local farms yesterday,
Here is "Blondie"....he has been on my blog before, he always rushes over to me, I think,
he may think my camera is 'food' A newbie to me, I call him "Black Beauty"....

This fellow couldn't of cared less if I was standing there waiting, he just would not look up!
I called, whistled, made weird noises and no way, he just went on eating, oh well, next time.


  1. Excellent horse shots! Love the mane and forelock on that first one. Beautiful! Sometimes those ol' cows/bulls just won't cooperate will they?

  2. Those are beautiful horse shots!

  3. Gorgeous shots, bonifer.
    I particularly like the one of your faithful friend. He is so beautiful.