Friday, May 22, 2009

Bonaparte's Gull..

We have a fair number of these on a small lake close by,

people living around the area say they stay for a few weeks each

spring and then are gone, I was lucky enough to get a few pics today !!


  1. This is an interesting bird, which I have never seen before. You do have great wild life on your blog.

  2. Nice! It's all about being in the right place at the right time--and having your camera with you! I haven't seen one of these before either. We do get gulls here in the Interior of Alaska--I guess they follow the rivers up, but it's mostly Mew Gulls.

  3. Thanks, gals!!
    If I am not mistaken, Elaine, these fellows are often seen with the 'Black headed Gull, which is a larger gull and is also seen in Alaska, I had googled it when I got home too, as I didn't know anything about it either. :)

  4. In my Birds of Alaska book it shows the Bonaparte's Gull as being common in Southcoastal and Southeaster Alaska, but uncommon in the rest of Alaska. Even when they are listed as common in the Central Alaska area, it's still a huge area and huge variations in conditions. I will keep my eye out for this guy though when we head down to Anchorage and Seward, which we are hoping to make time to do this summer. It's funny how I lived near the ocean for a lot of years and saw lots of seagulls, but never paid much attention to them, and now I am discovering there are a lot of variations.