Monday, May 18, 2009

A few more today at camp..

A Mallard and two Greater Yellowlegs..

A Nuthatch...

A Snacking Squirrel...

A Pine Siskin at the Niger sock feeder...

A Chipmunk having a peanut...

I was very pleased, weather was great, birds and critters were busy..


  1. A Pine Siskin? I had not seen that bird yet. It is very pretty. I need to look at our bird feeders with binoculars! I never see birds that close, I enjoyed looking at yours.

  2. That's quite a variety! It finally warmed up here too, but today the wind's blowing 20 mph gusting to 30. My finch feeders are almost standing straight out! 51 degrees.

  3. What cute baby faces.
    Looks like they are all enjoying life!

  4. Nice series! I like that you caught them all with something they were munching on. I think the nuthatch photo is especially good.

  5. Thanks gals for all the nice comments,
    haha, Elaine, I hadn't noticed that I caught them all 'eating'... I guess thats why they come to me, they know they are going to get fed!! LOL
    Vagabonde, I will post another pic of a Pine Siskin for you to see the detail in their feathers.. :)