Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lilacs are blooming..

Yea !!


  1. Oh, lucky you! You'll soon have the fragrance of lilacs in the air. I love that fragrance from the lilac bush only. It's odd, but I don't like lilac perfumes or toiletries.

  2. Thanks, Montanagirl, I totally agree with you, I love the smell of the lilacs beside our deck, but dislike
    the smell or fragrance in sprays etc.
    You are not alone !! :)

  3. Enjoy!
    Ours are all done and gone; they come and go so quickly. Now we must
    wait another year.

  4. I came over from Montanagirl's blog to see your photos. You have some wonderful shots! I am just learning to use a DSLR and starting to really get into it. Still lots to learn!

    Your lilacs are a bit ahead of mine here in Alaska. The leaves are just starting to come out on mine. Of course, they were pruned this winter by the moose wondering through the yard. They even left footprints in the grass for me. I'll be back to see your photos again.

  5. Thanks Elaine!!
    Wow, to have moose wander through your yard, nice!! Living here, we are lucky enought to see them often but must be at the wildlife park (I have some pics from there on here and more to come)and of course sometimes the sides of the highways.

  6. I came over from Elaine’s Arctic View blog - your pictures are clear and crisp. I started my blog about 6 weeks ago and am still learning, and also learning how to take pictures on my Nikon D40 – I am sure it is capable of better pictures than I have been able to take so far – I should improve as I bought the book Digital Pictures for Dummies yesterday! – your pictures are very nice

  7. Thank you Vagabonde !!
    I have the book you mentioned and you will enjoy it, I also are new to blogging and enjoying it very much too. :)