Monday, May 25, 2009

A Jackrabbit this weekend...

I love this sign, fits us perfectly !! ha !!
He just sat and watched up hoping I would give him a carrot, I guess !!
I will take some the next time we go out..

Notice the feet are still quite white but changing its colors slowly..


  1. Nice of him to pose so nicely for you! I posted some photos yesterday of some snowshoe hares that were in our yard, and they certainly weren't sitting still at all--in fact every time I saw them they were on the move. You called this a jackrabbit and maybe you were just using a generic term, but he looks very much like the snowshoes we have here, and I was curious as to what varieties of rabbits and hares you have in Ontario.

  2. Elaine,I think you are right, I am pretty sure they are Snowshoe Hares here too. Last year was a 'bumper crop' of these fellows, and that brought in the Canada Lynx. (I had posted a pic of a Lynx at camp last year, earlier in my blog) This was taken at the camp, where they become very comfortable with people as most feed them. This one is peticular, lives under my neighbors gazebo, so it is common for us to be sitting by the fire and they come hopping out, as this one did yesterday, hopefully I will get some pics of babies in the next few months...

  3. I think we are getting at the top of the cycle for the hares this year. We are seeing more of them again. It will be interesting to see the babies if you are able to get some pics. There are enough trees and brush around our area that it would be just dumb luck to stumble upon any babies.

  4. We have a couple of rabbits in the yard too; they live in our woods all year long. There was a baby bunny at the front door one time and as I came up he did not know what to do and froze in front of the door – but I did not have my camera!