Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A furry friend in my yard today..

First squirrel of the season, he has been around for awhile, but haven't got a picture til now, he is looking for a snack,

can't wait for the chipmunks too, I usually have 3 or 4 of both as I feed them constantly and the neighbor behind us does also...


  1. First squirrel of the season you say, well here they stay in the backyard all year and this spring they even have young ones. We placed squirrel food in a tray for them but they still try to jump on the bird feeders, they are pretty fat! I told my husband I'd like to make some squirrel stew with red wine but he is not listening...

  2. Haha, good one Vagabonde!

    I do think they are around here all year long too, but don't seem to see them often at least not here at home.
    probably are 'well fed with all the bird feeders' around.

  3. Cute photo! I enjoy watching the squirrels, but my husband would happily provide the squirrels for the stew for Vagabonde. He has an ongoing battle with them. Here, ours hibernate in the winter, but when we had some warm weather in January this year, one surfaced and dug tunnels in the snow up to our deck so he could get to the feeders. We had a lot of fun watching him dart from bolt hole to bolt hole. I posted some pictures of him peeking out of his holes in January. We saw him intermittantly through the rest of the winter, and of course he is out now with reinforcements.

  4. Looks like he's enjoying the snack he found. We have a few squirrels around the yard too. Not this morning though: it's 31 degrees here and snowing! Oh, spring, where are thou?