Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moss and more Moss..

I thought these two varieties of Moss deserved a photo of each..


  1. The moss pictures really show the different kinds that are growing around and about. Good job.

  2. Very nice photos. I think moss makes a very interesting subject. We don't get a lot of heavy moss here. Seems like it mostly wants to grow in my lawn that's close to the trees. Whenever we are visiting in Oregon or Washington we see lots of it, and I know I have several shots. I'll have to dig them out.

  3. It has been a cool and damp spring here, and the heat is still not happening, not sure if this has an effect on the moss or not, but I tend to think so !! Our spring flowers are really late this year, 'frost warning' again tonite, even, its frustrating!!