Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Quacker Couple..

Just came across these from last year !!
Am anxious to get new ones and babies this year.
These were taken on a local lake in the centre of town,
so the different birds are comfortable with people and of
course are fed regularly too, so that helps, not afraid of us
or shy either !!


  1. Nice series! You got some good ones there.

  2. Thanks Montanagirl,
    they were taken at a local small lake in the centre of town,
    people walk around the lake regularly so the ducks, seagulls etc.
    get very comfortable having people around. :)

  3. Nice! I like the first one best--guess it's because they look more natural and graceful in the water. Ducks are fun to watch on land, but the phrase "like a duck out of water" is so true.

  4. I love the eye on the Male in the second one, he was watching me close,
    and his coloring is so rich!!
    Love how they 'waddle' too !! haha!!